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Sharepoint Farm Client Selection

Level 2


We have a large Sharepoint Farm with 8 nodes (2 SQL, 2 Front End Web, 2 app Server, 2 Workflow Manager, 2 Office Web Apps), we have installed and configured the netbackup client on all of the nodes. In the Administration guide, it is suggested to create 3 separate policies ( 1 for GRT, 1 for Full Farm, 1 for Disaster Recovery), but the clarification we need is which client to specify on each of those policies, i only found by looking in the community that for the Full Farm only Front End Web should be specified (should we put the 2 of them in case of one down ?), and how about the other Policy for GRT, which client should be specified ? ( i guess that for DR, we should backup all of the clients.)


Thank you 


Level 6

In Sharepoint env for Netbackup.

- All the Front End Web, Apps, Indexing are the client host (I believe Workflow Manager & Office Web are also considered as Apps... )
- All the SQL are considered backend host

So the clients for those policies should be the 2 FEW, 2 APPS, 2 WM, 2 OWA hosts.

SQL hosts are not needed because it's being redirected in the master server host properties application mapping, where the FEW, APPS, WM & OWA are all pointing to the SQL as backend.