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Sharepoint aspx page was not restored properly

Level 2

Hi all, To day I backed up full Sharepoint farm successfully but then got an abnormal recovery case.

Test case scenario:

- Backup full Sharepoint farm with GRT enabled

- Rename an xml item in aspx page

- Select that aspx page to restore, override options selected.

- Check to see if xml item name was changed to original

I can browse an aspx page and restore to original place sucessfully, but xml item name is not changed back to original. Could you pls advise?


Level 2

Found this:

(SharePoint 2010 and 2013) When you restore a list item from a localized subsite, the job is reported as successful. However the list item fails to appear in the SharePoint user interface. To work around this issue, restore the item to a file system and upload the item to SharePoint.

Not so sure this is root cause or not. I will verify and update this case