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Sharepoint backup latest file version only

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We have been having problems that our Sharepoint backup has taken a very long time to finish, up to 4 days. 

We found recently when using scripts from Microsoft to take the backup of our Sharepoint environment, that is was when we include all file version that it takes a very long time, and if we chose to only include the latest version of each file the backup goes alot faster, from days to hours.

I havent been able to find that setting in Netbackup, to be able to chose only the latest file version. Other products like Commvault have the option to do this, so I figure that Netbackup should also support this, but havent been able to find it yet.

From Commvault:
Backup Latest Version
Specifies that only the latest version of each file will be selected for backup.
Backup All Versions
Specifies that all existing versions of each file will be selected for backup.

Please help me, 

We are running version 8.1.2



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I know both products, and NetBackup really does not have the setting like this.

However I have 2 points:

- perform also non-granular backups (for DR purposes), it is on a database level and it is fast

- if you need granular backups, and Sharepoint farm is in VMware, switch to VMware policy with "Enable Sharepoint recovery" setting. Backups should be substantially faster, restores (or precisely browsing granular data before restores) are slower because GRT info is not catalogued during backups