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Slow Backup to Disk

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I am experiencing a very slow job rate on backup to disk backups.

Our backup server is Proliant DL380 Gen9.

We are backing up to QSAN Unified storage and connected through 16GB FC SAN switch. The drive has been configured in storage unit for the disk.

The AV has been disabled as well. We do not use dedup as well. We can reached 1.6GB/s writing speed using iometer but in NetBackup we can only get average 200MB/s total throughput.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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What is source of your incoming data? Other server backed up via Ethernet? Is its disk capable of reading data faster than 200MB/s ??

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our souce of data coming from Oracle ZS4-4 mounted to media/master server as SAN disk. QSAN also connected to the same san switch and configure as another SAN disk. The QSAN storage theoretically can achieve 750MB/s - 900MB/s. 

We setting 262144 in SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS and 256 NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS. 

Is there anything that can be done to improve the backup speed?

Level 2

Our source of data coming from Oracle ZFS4-4 configured as SAN disk on our media/master server. The QSAN also connected to same san switch and configured as another SAN disk. Using multiple windows copy, we can archive total 700MB/s to 800MB/s but in Netbackup KB/sec maximum speed is around 400MB/s.

We use 262144 in SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS and 256 in NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the backup speed.

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Are you taking this san lun backup using san client ? 

no. the master/media/client are all in the same server. we just want to backup the san disk (oracle zfs4-4) to another san disk (qsan).