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Slow CIFS backups

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WE have CIFS shares on a netapp device.   Backup of these shares has gotten extremely slow.  (From about 8-10 mb/sec  to 200-400 kb/sec.  I have  noticed that when this happens, the snapshot fails also.  Am I correct in thinking that  If the snapshot (or snapvault) fails, then the backup is taken from the disk itself, and not from the snapshot.   If there are others using the netapp (and there are many) this would cause a drastic decrease in the read time on the netapp ?   


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What type of policy do you use for cifs shares backups?

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The fact that the NetApp snapshots are failing, tells me that there is an issue with the NetApp.
Perhaps no space for snapshots?
Very full and fragmented volumes could explain the slow backups.

I would start with troubleshooting on the NetApp.

CIFS is not the most efficient way of taking filer backups.
NDMP policy type or either the newly added Dynamic NAS backup:

The 1st step should be to investigate and resolve the failed snapshops.