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Slow Database Response Time

Level 6
It's me again... Here's the scenario
Windows 2003 environment, Uncompressed catalog totaling 220GB and rising and I have 350 tapes I need to manually expire because I was told to give then an Infinity retention and a year later they've changed their mind and I can now reuse the tapes. Running the bpexpdate command against one piece of media took almost 2 hours for the database to respond. My questions are:
1. Is there an easier/quicker way to do this? The GUI?
2. Why is the database responding so slow? Is it simply the size or might there be other issues?

I've noticed the slow response before but just recently saw what a great place this was for questions so I'm putting the resource to good use.

Thanks in advance,
Helpless in Houston

Level 6
Yes there is

Open the NB console.
Go to Catalogs
Give a time Range From and Between for the catalogs that you intend to search Now..
It will fetch out catalogs for you...Select them (Carefully) and right click and expire (Wait till it complete..It may freeze the console)
If the tape doesn't gets deassigned wait till 12 AM or use the bpexpdate -deassign option for the tapes that you want to use immediately...

Hope this helps.Message was edited by:
Mayur Shinde

Level 6
250 GB catalof seems huge..may be that is why the DB is slow.
Is there any Antivirus scanning the Netbackup DB files when they are operated upon ?
If yes try excluding them...

Level 6
HOLY ^#%@$!!! I have my VirusScan console open and I ran bpexpdate against one of the tapes. The scanner is going through each folder and file in the images folder. No wonder it takes forever.

Time to talk to the Security team and get some folders excluded.

Thank you, Mayur,