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Slow SLP Duplication Jobs

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hi ,

Im using SLP policies ( backup to disk -Local Disk then duplicate to tape -IBM TS), recently duplication jobs take a lot more time to complete ( around 10-12 hours for each) when i check Netbackup i can see it will find right media right away and loads it in tape drive very fast but the duplication job will hangs at "Waiting for positioning of Media ID" for about 10 hours.

any help here would be apperciated.


NBRB logs attached to this post.

Netbackup 7.7

Windows Server 2012 R2

IBM TS Series LTO-6



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please find attached BPTM log. (verbose level 4)

Please post bptm log as .txt file.
.log cannot be opened online or on a mobile device. We also need Activity Monitor that matches the bptm log.
As per request of 2 weeks ago:

"We still need bptm log - as well as Job details for backup job and Job details for duplication job.

Job details will give us timestamps and bptm PIDs that we can use to trace each of the jobs in bptm log. "

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If you follow bptm PID 16808 through 111616 log file, you will see that 'waiting for position' happened over here:

10:54:58.539 [16808.18000] <2> ... INF - Waiting for positioning of media id 1005L6

Although nothing is mentioned in Activity Monitor, media got positioned over here:

10:55:45.059 [16808.18000] <2> io_position_for_write: locate block is done

Started writing copy 2 over here (6 seconds later): 

10:55:51.512 [16808.18000] <4> write_backup: begin writing backup id ....., copy 2, fragment 1, to media id 1005L6 on drive IBM.ULT3580-HH6.001

Fragment 1 finished writing at 11:04 at 50MB/sec:

11:04:04.175 [16808.18000] <4> write_backup: successfully wrote backup id ... copy 2, fragment 1, 24445401 Kbytes at 50141.224 Kbytes/sec

Keep following same PID through the file and you will see more and more images being written - next one completes at 11:19 at 60MB/sec.

This bptm duplication completes successfully at 11:26:29. As per Activity Monitor as well.

So... no evidence here of long wait for tape position.

The only problem I see is with older version SLPs still trying to access old STU... 

Oh! And no hcart3 tape drives available between these timestamps:

11/15/2016 15:26:08 - awaiting resource nbsrv01-hcart3-robot-tld-0. No drives are available.
11/16/2016 10:54:07 - resource @aaaac reserved

 You need to trace drive usage (e.g. vmoprcmd and nbrbutil -dump) when you see the 'No drives are available ' message.