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Slow Windows file server cluster backup performance

Level 1

Dear community,

We are using NetBackup version and were previously backing up two physical HP servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 shared data volumes without any issue.

We have then migrated to two virtual nodes running Windows Server 2019 under VMware and backup performance is total chaos. Backing up 2GB of data takes 2 hours!

We're using VSS and the NetBackup agent is installed on both virtual nodes, since backing them up using VMware native capabilities is not possible because we're using bus sharing (RDM disks).

We have already opened a case with Veritas but the support agent is totally lost in the troubleshooting process.

Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening and if we're doing things in the right way?

I can share additional configuration data or logs if that helps!

Thanks a lot and have a lovely week!


Level 5

I think key information is here is that you have gone from 2k8 to 2k19. I trust you have tested the client throughput to a null device. E.g bpbkar32 -nocont F:\ 1> nul 2> nul would test how fast the F: drive can provide data. Also have you done the recommended AV file exclusions. Sorry for asking basic questions. Do you have multiple interfaces on your cluster? are they teamed etc....