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Slow backup on hyper-v host with error 13 in incramental

Level 3

Good morning.  I have a very frustrating situation.  

My environment.  We are running 8.1.2 NBU in a hyper-v clustered vm's.  We have a master/media with 2 additional media servers.  The hosts are all 2016 and all built the same.  Currently, the hosts are running NBU client 8.0 and we are backing up to a HPE StoreOnce 5100.  

The policy is a Hyper-V WMI policy that uses the Hyper-V stand alone cluster option for the server type

The guest is a file server that has run with good speeds in the past.  We have many VM's we are backing up and are not experiencing this issue.  It was in a policy with others and started having issues with incremental backups failing with Error 13 but the fulls with recan enabled ran fine with good speeds.  The track log somehow got corrupted and the backups would just say "There is no complete backup image match with track journal, a regular full backup will be performed" so I created a new policy for this one file server and I cannot get it to run at faster speeds.  I would hate to dump accelerator backups. 

I have looked at the current host for any network related errors but nothing.  The guest seems fine.  I have migrated this VM to different blades as well as different chassis and still slow. 

Any thoughts on what to look for next?  In a Hyper-V clustered environment where is the tracklog kept? 

Any log requests please let me know.




Level 5

I opened a case with support for this same issue and we discovered it was something to do with the VM.  We created a clean VM and did not see the problem.  We never got to the bottom of it and are now experiencing the same issue with 2019 host and guest.  I provided the NetBackup VM backup limitations to our server group so they could see if their template VM was the problem, but haven't heard back.