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Slowness on the write operations of the backups on the DataDomain

Level 3

Hello Team,

I have two Vcenters that I integrated in my master and I have two media or backup host which synchronize with these two Vcenters to distribute the costs of backup operations.

I have a problem, whatever the media used for the write operations of the backups on the DataDomain, the backup speed is fast on one Vcenter and on the other hand on the other Vcenter the speed is very slow and sometimes causes failures backup after a start of writing.

My Netbackup environment is as follows:

- NetBackup version: 8.0

- Master is custom built host (OS version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago))

- backup host version: Netbackup Media 8.0

- ESXi version: 6.0.

Please what can be the cause of this slow backup operations on this second Vcenter?

Thank you


Level 4
Slowness of backup from one vcenter depend on your backup environment. You need to check weather you are using SAN or nbd transport mode. If one vcenter is having SAN connectivity then backup will be faster compared to nbd. Please verify connectivity of vcenter/Datastore with media server. If its nbd then you need to verify network bandwidth like 1gig or 10 gig network. If SAN option is available then you need to get datastore zoned with media server.

You need to verify as per your environment and its configuration

OK @Born2rise 

Let me check and come with all results