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So now we'll be forced to use the Java Admin Console after 7.6.1?

I was just reviewing the SORT pages for 7.6.1 and got a very nasty shock...after 7.6.1 (I presume they mean 7.7 or 8.0 or whatever) there won't be a Windows Admin Console anymore...only the evil, damaged, can't copy/paste, can't right click, can't do anything useful Java Console....

First they got rid of 32 bit admin support while the real world still uses 32 bit workstations, now they're hooking their wagon to something that Oracle is doing their best to destroy, Java..<deleted><deleted><deleted>........

I know that Symantec has enough money to pay for decent programmers, they charge enough for their licensing/support that our company has frozen any more expansion due to the why get rid of each thing that works and replace it with something that doesn't?


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I sure hope not....I HATE the

I sure hope not....I HATE the Java console.


Yes, you understand exactly,

Yes, you understand exactly, I'm not very happy about it either ...

I think it's gone at ver 8, but don't quote me on that.


HP tried the same thing with

HP tried the same thing with their SAN management software....It didn't work out so well for them.


Sounds like the VCS Java

Sounds like the VCS Java Console we're facing as well.

PM: What do you want to use to manage VCS?

The World: We want the Java Console.

PM: Ok, we'll drop the Java Console and give you OpsCenter


Problem solved!


Maybe we'll have better

Maybe we'll have better success with the truth!


:( Please symantec... stop

Smiley Sad

Please symantec... stop doing this...  Java console sucks bigtime.. It's slow and not very handy.

Please spend you time fixing current bugs and missing features instead of giving us less functionality..


I am using the Java Console

I am using the Java Console on a daily basic and do not have a problem with it.

I dislike the Windows GUIs absence of password validation - in a enterprise that does not fly






We use the java console here

We use the java console here as well.

Because the windows console requires each system to be added to the master server list, if enough systems drop, it can cause production issues with my environment. This happens as users replace their systems and don't tell me their PC is no longer connected.

I limit the windows access to myself and my backup. And only use it when the java console can't - like sometimes jobs get into a state that I cannot select them in the java console, and I use windows to cancel them.


NetBackup 8.1.2 on Solaris 11, writing to DataDomain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 in SL8500 via ACSLS

I'm well aware that the Java

I'm well aware that the Java Console has a security advantage over the Windows version (without dreaded NBAC) but since it's using Java it's inherently unstable.  Not to mention that I have enough private versions of Java installed on my machine to support different applications since every new version breaks applications written for the previous version.

Add to that the lack of Copy/Paste (mandatory when dealing with lists of tapes) and right-click functionality as well as a damaged set of menus on the left side and it's worthless.

So I guess that 7.6.1.x will be the last version we install for a significant length of time (if I can keep convincing Management to sign the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ each year).



Many of the current lacking

Many of the current lacking features in the Java console has been added in the 7.7 version, and I have flagged a few more missing things which will definately annoy many of you coming from Windows, so let´s hope they get added in soon after 7.7 is released.


I have tons of java versions

I have tons of java versions installed on my systems as well, and the NBU GUI is the only application i believe that i have never ever had a problem with java version. They embed their own jre, which it uses, so you should be 100% independent.

Copy/Paste has been working for me in the JAVA console for quite a while, so maybe you just didn´t test it for a long time?

One annoying thing missing form 7.7 JAVA is keyboard shortcut (i.e. type "s" to jump to things starting with "s", that I hope they will fix ASAP).


When you see the new features in 7.7 i doubt you will want to hang back to long :-)


The JAVA gui in 7.7 feels

The JAVA gui in 7.7 feels very responsive, but obviously I haven´t tested it on large environments yet. The reason they are dumping the Windows GUI is to free up more development hours just as you are requesting :-)


Copy/paste is working in 7.6

Copy/paste is working in 7.6 and above.  Beware of multiple sorting though in 7.6.1.  Takes some getting used to, but I'm sure eventually I'll see the benefits.


Here's a question... Whilst

Here's a question...

Whilst the native Windows Admin Console (NBConsole.exe) may have bitten the dust... can I ask whether anyne knows whether we'll still be able to have and 'admin station/server' i.e. CLI tools for admin etc...    Or has the entire concept of 'admin server' type installation been removed along with the native Windows Admin Console?

I guess an alternative would always be to install a Windows based Media Server, but just not give it any storage units.


It seems that java console

It seems that java console will be the only option in 7.7 version. I recently participated at a Veritas event presenting some features of NBU 7.7 and it's real: admin console will be discontinued, but they promised improvements in the JAVA GUI on next NBU releases... 

in 7.7 the JAVA GUI won't change. Smiley Sad


Any server with Netbackup

Any server with Netbackup installed, and on the masters, server list, will have administrative rights. So you will be able to workaround the missing "windows remote administration server".


The performance of Java

The performance of Java Administration Console is greatly improved. You won't miss the native Windows Administration Console. 


They didn't focus group this

They didn't focus group this one, very lame decision.



Complete nonsense.  The Java

Complete nonsense.  The Java Admin Console does not perform well and runs on Command Prompt (presumably a legacy of NetBackup's DOS days) and Java SE / RE.  Java SE is *not* secure and should *not* be used as a development platform for current software.  See here:

We and enyone else with any sense are trying to move away from J2RE/SE.  Symantec are moving onto it, exclusively.  Just shows the level of contempt they have for their customers.