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Socket connect failed after enabled resilient network

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Getting Socket connect failed after enabled resilient network.

Telnet on port 13724 both server to client and client to server is fine.  But bptestbpcd command failed with Socket connect failed. If disable the resilient network, connectivity is fine.


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Is a another application than Netbackup using port 13724 ?

command "netstat -n" on Windows should be able to answer that qustion. On Linux/Unix command is the same but the argument will be diffrent.

No other application using 13724 port number

Is anyone can help on this .

After enabled resillient network for client, bptestbpcd is getting failed with cannot connect on socket

First of all, why did you have to enable resilient network on this particular client? 

By default no client has this enabled, and usually we enabled it because it's either for WAN connection or a very unstable connectivity with the client.

Or you can check nbrntd logs on the client.



This also appears to be virtually the same as a post you opened in 2014:

In that case, it was dsiabling Resilient Network that was the fix.  Seems you have the reverse issue now :)



This is Gwan client and network is not stable.

So i want to enable resillient feature.

But after enabled, i am facing connectivity issue.

Normally, I will enable resilient network if backup on that client fails consistently with error 40 or 41, or other network-related error code.

If you don't get those, there is no need to enable.

If you really need to enable it and getting error, as mentioned earlier enable & check nbrntd logs.