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Solaris 10 X64 master server to used netbackup & command to bparchive

I was installed netbackup 6.5 in Solaris10 X64. I used script to crontab.
bparchive run well on OS.
But,  I run command bparchive on OS. It is not running bpdbjobs.
How can i check the log?
And This case was Same issue?
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I am not sure if I understood your problem.
From what I can understand, you are able to run bparchive from the crontab but when you type that command, job does not appear in the activity monitor.
Is that true? 
If this is the case, then I dont see a reason why the job shouldn't appear in the activity monitor.

For logs, The bparchive logs are located at /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bparchive.

Here is the command syntax:

bparchive [-p policy] [-s schedule][-L progress_log [-en]] [-S master_server[,master_server,...]] [-t policy_type] [-w [hh:mm:ss]] [-help] [-k "keyword_phrase"] -f listfile | filename