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Solaris - Netbackup Restore setting owners and modes on directories

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Many moons ago I created a recovery CD that was bootable and enabled you to start the Netbackup client and restore onto a bare bones server. All went well until it was restoring directoies owned by users not in /etc/passwd. The user names/groups are held in NIS+ for other users so not available at the time of restore. I was left with a system where all the directories were owned by root other although the files within had the correct ownerships. It would have been very invoved in trying to recover the users from the backed up NIS+ database prior to the restore so I gave up. This was Netbackup 4.5.  Has this "feature" changed as part of later releases, we are currently using 6.0 on the Solaris servers.

My CD would be very useful if I could get it to work but the user account stuff seemed a complex issue to overcome.