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Some NetBackup doubts.......

Level 4
Hi All,

I need below information, I appreciate if any one helps me with my req

1. Disaster Recovery steps(If we need to build whole NetBackup enivi from scratch)
2. Database backup steps(let it be oracle, scripts, policy style...etc)

My questions, please provide me answers for what you can .........

  1. In which location(path) the temp files located in Netbackup for Windows/Unix?
  2.  How is a changed file determined on Unix?

  3.  When would I, or would I not, use cross mount points?

  4. What is the difference between the expiration date for a volume in NetBackup's media catalog and Media Manager's volume database?

      5. Why is a binary catalog more efficient than an ASCII catalog?


6. If we have a SCSI attached robot and in device monitor you see the drives marked as AVR, what does that mean and how would you fix it?


7. How is image stored in netbackup


If we wanted to bypass netbackup commands and move a tape from slot 1 to drive 3 how would you do that?


9. If your last catalog backup was two days ago and the master server crashed what would you have to do to bring your environment back up to present time?


10. How do you find a disk based image via the command line and then delete it?


11. How do you import an NBU image that has been written to a disk storage unit?


12. What are the critical catalogs or databases on a Media Server?


13. How would you tune NetBackup to increase backup performance?


14.In which location(path) the temp files located in Netbackup for Windows/Unix?


15. What is SAN media server?


16. How to check tape is bad?


17. How to check tape is in cap?


Waiting to  hear from you

Thank You

Sreekanth Adari


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
These sound a lot like interview questions.  Most of these questions can be answered by reading the Admin guides for NetBackup.  Something anyone working with the product should do. 

For the small few that can't be found in the guides you can find answers pretty easily on-line. 

Level 4
You are correct, these are cumulative of doubts and interview questions........... Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Level 6
If this is an interview - some of your questions have their own admin guide, such as #13 - Netbackup tuning.  Your questions pretty much encompass at least several years worth of NBU experience and learning.