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Something Cool with NBU - Adjust Cloud Cache Properties in WebUI

Level 4

Hi Friends,

I was doing some MSDP-C work this week and I noticed a really cool new feature I wanted to share with you in 10.2.  When you're creating a new diskpool and are connecting to a cloud resource you can now adjust the Cloud Cache Properties in the WebUI!  

Take a look:


Why am I so excited about this you ask?  Well, if you've got an MSDP host that's got plenty of disk space you probably wouldn't care, but if you're like me testing NetBackup with a smaller foot print box, you might have run into the dreaded cloud cache error!  Previous to this new feature, you had to go digging into your MSDP host and edit your contentrouter.cfg file by hand.  So yeah, I'm excited.  :)

Be on the lookout for more Something Cool with NBU!