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Sperate backup traffic for AHV cluster

Level 1


as ISCSI transport mode is introduced in netbackup 9.1 we have the below scenario and want to verify with the experts . the goal is to sperate the backup traffic to one interface in AHV nodes

1- AHV nodes has 2x management and data interface (VS1) and 1x backup interface (VS2) in different virtual switch

2- using nutanix network segmentation we will move iscsi network to VS2

3- media server or backup host will have one network interface in the same vlan configured in VS2 

4- backup traffic flow though iscsi protocol between the veritas environment and nutanix environment

the reason i posted here that as per the documentation there is no option to specify the iscsi ip target that the media server (backuphost) will connect to and it relay on the value configured for external data service ip in cluster details in nutanix cluster .. so will this scenario works ??