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Sql restore Issue

Hi Experts,

  Anyone have idea how to restore the Sql database with always avilability group enabled.

master, media and clients are 7.7.1 and compatibility list says it is supported version. Even backup is successfull for the database without any error. But when open the restore console, the databases under availability groups are not visible there. 

Please suggest.

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Re: Sql restore Issue


double-check under which client name and instance name are backups catalogued. So see Client Backup report, and File List in corresponding backup jobs where the whole "path" of backup image including instance is displayed.




Re: Sql restore Issue

If SQL db's were backed up using a Virtual hostname, then follow steps in NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide  for alternate / clustered client restore.

Hi Ajith, I presume you

Hi Ajith,

I presume you browse the image using NetBackup MS SQL Client GUI. You will then go to File > Restore SQL Server objects.

For the SQL host, put <SQL_Virtual_Server_Name>\<Instance Name>

If <Instance Name> is default instance, then just put the SQL_VIRTUAL_SERVER_NAME

For the Source Client, put the hostname you have in the SQL backup policy.

Make sure the time filter covers the backup date you want to see.

If nothing is showing, confirm the backup actually exists.


The easiest way is to use the NetBackup Backup, Archive and Restore GUI. Launch this GUI, go to File > Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type, put the source client as per the policy, and policy type for restores: MS-SQL-Server, click OK.

Click Select for Restore. Confirm the backup exists on the date range you specify. It should be red circle with white star (user backup type).


If it does exist, you need to troubleshoot why it's not showing in the SQL Agent. You can have a look at the dbclient log, typically in: <install dir>\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\dbclient\


Re: Sql restore Issue

This issue has been fixed.

Solution : Use Windows cluster name in source client instead of Sql cluster and then browse. It will display the databases those are only inside the Availability Group. then restore as normal procedure.

It is strange that we are taking backup using Sql cluster name but browse window shows the backup images when we use windows cluster name. Not sure how it connected

Re: Sql restore Issue

This does not sound right. NBU stores images by the hostname used in the policy.