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Status 11 system call failed

Level 4
When I try to make any changes to a certain policy (activate, deactivate, change schedule) I get an error - "The policy, WeeklyAppServer, could not be modified, status: 11 system call failed"

It seems to be somewhat intermittent. I was able to activate the policy last week but am now unable to deactivate it. I was also unable to activate the same policy the previous week.

Any help would be appreciated. I can't find any info for status 11 errors on changing a policy.

The policy contains about 12 windows servers and is set to backup all local drives for each server.Message was edited by: Mark Henrie

We are running NBU 5.1
Mark Henrie

Level 4
Hi !

Sometimes i have the same problem.

My solution :
1. Make a copy of the policy
2. Delete the policy causes the error (11)
3. Rename the copied class in the servers directory
4. it should work


Level 4
I tried that and I get the same error when I try and delete the old policy. The new policy lets me activate and change it but i still have that old policy activated sitting there.

Level 6
Try checking in the policy's foler on the master server to see if there are any temporary files.

If you find any tmp files, try deleting those.


Level 4

Thank you very much. I have never been into those directories. I found that the policy causing trouble only had an info file and a tmp file. While all the other policies i have had a schedule folder, clients, includes, and info files. I deleted the tmp file and modified the schedule and i now have all the normal files.

I hope this works. Everything seems to be looking better.

PS. this will also help me delete a pesky policy that was accidentally created by a colleague, and won't open or delete.

Level 6
Glad to hear that helped!

Take a look through those folders when you get a chance; it's very interesting to see the flat file version of all the policy information.

In fact, if you were creating a new master and had some complicated scheduling that took a lot of time to create, you could just copy those files over and, presto! you've duplicated your schedules, etc.


Level 4
That would have been helpful to know a few weeks back when i changed the schedule on all 50 or so policies. Each indivdually changing the schedule time and frequency.

haha. good to know for the future.

thanks again

Thank you. It works.

Under the Policy directory here in: (/usr/openv/netbackup/db/class/polcy_name/schedule/) I found the file "OldCalendar", once deleted I was able to delete de policy from the java console.