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Status 87 (media close error 2060018)


We are suddenly receiving errors when backing up a particular VM.  

01/26/2017 07:43:19 - Critical bptm (pid=67223) Storage Server Error: (Storage server: PureDisk:backup_appliance) _pdvfs_fcache_flushfile_write_do: Failed to write to spoold on storage server (no such object). Ensure storage server services are running and operational. V-454-9
01/26/2017 07:43:19 - Critical bptm (pid=67223) sts_close_handle failed: 2060018 file not found
01/26/2017 07:43:19 - Error bptm (pid=67223) cannot write image to disk, media close failed with status 2060018 

All other VM backups seem to be running fine.

Netbackup 5230 appliance running 2.7.1 (7.7.1).  The vm is on vsphere 6.0



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Re: Status 87 (media close error 2060018)

Try backing up this VM in a one off backup to tape to see if you get the same error. You should also upgrade to 7.7.3

Re: Status 87 (media close error 2060018)

Can you show us all text in Details tab of this job?

Is Accellerator used for this policy/VM?

There may be an issue with a previous full backup for this VM that is now causing Accelerator to fail. 

Please copy bptm log the Appliance to bptm.txt and upload as attachment.