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Steps to restore 2nd and 3rd copies of image from a different media server

Level 3

Hi all,


Need some clarification regarding my NBU backup architecture, please see below:

I have a,

1. Primary Copy - Located on Primary Site MSDP (NBU Master Server) 

2. 2nd Copy - Located on Offsite MSDP (NBU Media Server B)

3. 3rd Copy - Located Offsite as well - Tape Out (LTO4) (NBU Media Server B)

I wanted to test restoration from the Tape Media which is my 3rd copy. Can you guys help how to do this?


Thanks a lot! 


Level 3

Hi guys,


Thanks for your help, this Technote solved my problem.

I did the ff:

1. Start the NetBackup Administration GUI.

2. Go to Media and select the Media ID(s) that need to be moved.

3. Go to Actions > Move and click Volume is in a robotic library.

4. Run Inventory and initiate restore.


Thanks a lot guys!..