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Still looking for AIR Cloud providers...

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So I started a discussion back in July 2013 regarding cloud providers which might provide AIR.  Now I understand that there is no "integrated" option within NetBackup to do this, so I'm wondering if there are any service providers which "host" NetBackup domains which would allow me to, in essence, replicate to the cloud.

I currently have an appliance at a nearby facility which is starting to get tapped out and we may leave the rack space anyways.  It seems if I could find a vendor that had a "farm" of appliances and "AIR as a service" I could simply purchase sufficient dedupe capacity and replicate there...

Anyone looked into something like this?


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We provide this exact service at Proact. However, we only operate within the EU. We provide dedicated NBU domains as AIR target domains. Restores are done by either email attachment (small files, no security), ftp service, NFS share (if using VPN/MPLS), and for larger restores, duplication to a removable disk, which then can be imported back into the source domain.

Ping me a private message if you think it is relevant.




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If you're in the U.S., we may be able to meet your needs in a customizable fashion, depending on sizing and requirements. We offer such services to a variety of clients, and can provide multiple geographically distributed replicas if needed. Send me a private message if interested, and we can go from there.