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Stop selected NBU processes from starting on UNIX/Linux

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Hi all,

I've recently been asked by our OS support and monitoring peeps here as to whether we can stop unecessary NetBackup services from starting up at all.  On Windows this is easy, we'd set the services' startup type to disabled, but I'm not seeing an elegant solution for UNIX/Linux systems.

I've considered modifying the rc script, or moving/renaming the unecessary process(es) but this would presumably only be good until we came to upgrade the server or client in question, and we have an awful lot of each.  We could set a later rc script to disable what we don't want, but that would not affect a manual stop/restart of processes.

Things that we'd happily disable would include Cloud Services, Live Update, BMR, SAN Client and others I'm sure.

If anyone has a simple, elegant solution I'd love to hear your ideas :)

Kind Regards,



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I think is will be highly likely, the effort in disabling them, will be larger than the benefit.

Linux/Unix client have a lot fewer process running than windows.


I am curious what prompts this. We let those processes run; even those that we dont use.

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Aren't you using "netbackup start" to start your Netbackup services? 

If you are, that script has been designed in a way that it won't start unnecessary daemons. For example: BMR, if bmr was not enabled at all, you won't see bmrd started. That script takes into consideration of the dependencies between different daemons, so you don't have to worry about that. I believe the same goes for LiveUpdate & SAN Client - as I don't see them in my master server either, because I am not using it.

Any attempt to disable NBU deamons, it's better you talk to support and tell them why and ask if it's feasible.  Although I don't see a reason why you need to disable any, if this is a server dedicated to be a master or media server.