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Storage media server creation NBU 7.5

Hi All,

I have Netbackup 7.5 system running on windows enviroment.

I want to create new media server and install Deduplication option on it.

media server created and added to master in servers list. when i run new storage server wizard in media server and I filled all required information but at last step I got problem "Access to perform operation was denied" as show in image below:


please advise?


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Correct license keys?

Which license keys have you installed on the media server?

send output of bpminlicense

send output of bpminlicense -verbose


...but if you do this, please make sure your license keys are edited out of the output wink

can I know what Licenses

can I know what Licenses type required to do this ?



Its 7.5 so you need Entrprise disk license (if i am not wrong... i always got confuse when it comes to NBU license)crying

lalahmad, as Symantec

lalahmad, as Symantec partner/reseller you have access to PartnerNet, right?

Once logged in, type 'NetBackup Licensing Guide' in the Search facility.


I believe the NetBackup Data Protection Optimization Option is required. This option replaces the NetBackup Deduplication Option.


yes agree with marianne...

yes agree with marianne... with 7.5 accelerator was added into Data Optimization option with Deduplication. check with your sales  account manager. and see if on license portal you have got keys upgraded to 7.5

Thanks every body to your

Thanks every body to your replys.

I upgaede myNetbackup 7.1 Deduplication option licenses key to Netbakup 7.5 Data Optimization option then I inserted the key to master and my media server.

But still I have same issue "Access to perform the operation was denied"

By the way I try to install and configure Storage server on Master itself wizard work properly. but since master dosnt has enough memory Í need to add new Deduplication media server.


so can you advise?