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Stretched Exchange 2010 DAG

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I'd like to ask for an idea how to backup the subject. 

The DAG is stretched over 2 locations - 2 MBX+2 CAS servers in location A(primary) and 1 MBX+1 CAS servers in location B(DR). The interconnection is pure.

Different NBU domains are installed in each location. Exchange dbs are backed up by Exchange policy using DAG option, "Passive Copy only" and "Preffered servers list" in location A. The db copies are backed up  using Exchange policy (but no DAG) by independent NBU domain in location B.

In DR scenario all the db copies wil be promoted to active in location B.

My questions:

1. Does the scenario eliminate communication between locations during DAG backup in location A (only preffered servers should be contacted)?

2. Is the scenario (1 Exchange system with 2 independent NBU backup domains) correct and backup/restore will be working in DR situation? 

3. Do you have any other opinion how to solve better this task?


Thanks for your help




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At one customer we have exactly the same situation. Configure alternate master as a server on each client on each side, and configure cross site firewall rules for NetBackup for all DAG and all CAS servers to each NetBackup master - and that should be it.