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Summarize calendars of each policy

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Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to have an overview of the policy calendars in order to balance the number of jobs per day.

I have about 120 policies and about 1500 clients, and it would be long and tedious to have to go through each policy to know when each job is scheduled and how many clients are involved.

For now I have the impression that some days I have (too) few backups, and other days it is saturated.

Maybe a log or summary table that would allow to see over a month which day is concerned by what policy and therefore by how many clients ?



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Hello Aurelien59,

try the commmand nbpemreq -predict_all -date <mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS> 

it does not show you the actual schedule time selected in policy schedules, but it will show you all the jobs that are schedueld to run as per nbpem per client/policy/schedule time and due time.

i hope it will give you pretty much idea, how the jobs are scheduled and you can plan base do it.

nbpemreq command has few other options that you can refer in below T/N which may be helpfull go get the info you are looking for

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I usually don't do BAU work but I do a lot of healthchecks as part of my engagements and here is what I use and recommend to my customers to utilise for backup scheduling:

  1. OpsCenter is suprisingly helpful - generate a few Workload Analyzer reports. They have a great deal of details to identify time when the system is idle or has less jobs than usual
  2. Planning Activity reports under Backup reports in OpsCenter also have a lot of details - these reports probably will address your questions directly
  3. This is not free but there is excellent reporting/NBU analytics that can be had through MiTrend, they are more suitable for consultants/resellers due to the cost but their standard analytics has so-called "Backup Window Utilization" report which presents graphically gaps on day's timeline which are easy to read and use.

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Please see this thread - my proposal... about gantt graph - if you do have already exisitng data.

I think it may work for you 

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To me it's not about number of clients, instead IMO the art of "policy + schedule + client" workload balancing is actually about the total volume of data moved AND the total actual achieved sustained / average data rate AND the capabilities and capacities of the target storage units - i.e. the busy-ness of the business.  The only way I have been able to accurately and effectively answer such questions for myself was with custom scripting.


Recently i have used output of nbpemreq to find the backup start time of each policy. Give date for a month or one backup cycle where all your policies runs. This command is for unix, if your master/media is non-unix you can copy entire output and run awk on another unix server.

nbpemreq -M master_server -due -date 04/24/2019 23:00:00 | awk '{print $4, $10}' | uniq