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Suspend Duplication Jobs???

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I asked for this over 2 yrs I am begging for it. I have a need to suspend pending duplication jobs. We have a scheduled datacenter shutdown for Sunday morning at 5am. It is now Saturday morning at 5am(approx.). All backups to MSDP are done. I have approx. 10 pending duplication jobs waiting for tape drives. I would expect that on Saturday night sometime....I will have maybe 4-5 pending duplications left to run. I WISH I could just suspend/pause/hold those duplications rather than just canceling them. I know they will re-generate when I bring everything back-up.....but it would be cleaner if I could just put them on hold and release them when I am ready. Here is 1 case where it would come in handy. I have 2 tape drives....both are being used by duplication jobs, I have an urgent restore from tape, I want to pause the duplication job(I can wait till it finishes the image it is working on), then I can do the restore, and resume the duplication. We have checkpoints for backups....why not for duplications also? I know I can create duplication windows and such.....but it would be MUCH cleaner and easier for me(the user) if I could just pause the duplications.


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The nbstlutil command provides a way for users to intervene in storage lifecycle operations.

option inactive with nbstlutil can be used for suspending/deactivating the duplication jobs

Deactivates future lifecycle operations on selected image copies, but retains the image information so that processing can resume.


Please check below pasted link :-

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Are you aware of the fact that SLPs can be scheduled in NBU 7.6?


NetBackup 7.6 Feature Briefing - Secondary operation windows in SLPs



I have also requested the ability to suspend running duplication jobs over here: 

Unfortunately no response from the Symantec employee who posted this Idea....

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You have (in 7.6) the possibility to suspend secondary operation processing within the Storage Lifecycle Policy itself. The options which are available are either "Active" or "Postponed".