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Symantec Corporation Peer to Peer Support Newsgroups

Level 6

Symantec Corporation Peer to Peer Support Newsgroups
Listed below are the products currently available on our peer to peer news group server. To view messages or post a new question, click on the product of interest below.

Please be advised that this service is offered by Symantec Corporation as a means for Symantec customers to interact and communicate with each other on support related issues. Symantec Corporation does not provide direct support through this service. Out dated posts may be also removed from the server on a regular basis to ensure the highest level of performance for this service.

Using Your Own NNTP Client
You can use any newsreader (NNTP Client) software to access this Symantec Support newsgroup server. If you do not have a news reader installed, you can get Microsoft Outlook Express which is installed as part of Microsoft Internet Explorer by visiting the Microsoft Internet Explorer Home page at, or use any other client such as Free Agent.

The NNTP Client will require you to supply a News Server to connect to in order to read the messages. Simply specify as that server. Note that you do not need to enter an account name or password for this service.

Available Product Group Lists
APM Infrastructure
Backup Exec Desktop 98
Backup Exec Desktop
Backup Exec Desktop Edition
Backup Exec Desktop Pro
Backup Exec for Windows Servers: Local Support Newsgroup (Read Only) | New Support Forum
Backup Exec for NetWare
Backup Exec Network Storage Executive
Bare Metal Restore for NBU
Bare Metal Restore for TSM
Cluster File System
Cluster Server for UNIX
Cluster Server for Windows 2000
Cluster Server for Windows NT
Cluster Server QuickStart
Cluster Volume Manager
ClusterX MSCS for Windows NT
ClusterX WLBS for Windows NT
CommandCentral Availability
CommandCentral Service
CommandCentral Storage
Data Lifecycle Manager
Database Edition for DB2
Database Edition for Oracle
Database Edition for Sybase
Database Replication Option for Oracle
Disaster Recovery

Enterprise Vault Family: New Support Forum
Local Support Newsgroups now Read Only:
Enterprise Vault for File System Archiving (Read Only)
Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange (Read Only)

File Replicator
File System for UNIX
FirstWatch for UNIX
FirstWatch for Windows NT
Global Cluster Manager
Global Data Manager
Inform for Alerts
Inform for Foresight
Indepth for .NET
Indepth for DB2 UDB
Indepth for J2EE
Indepth for Oracle
Indepth for SQL Server
Indepth for Transactions
MyCD Pro
NetBackup BusinesServer (UNIX Platforms)
NetBackup BusinesServer (Windows Platforms)
NetBackup DataCenter (UNIX Platforms)
NetBackup DataCenter (Windows Platforms)
NetBackup Enterprise Server
NetBackup v3.2 and prior (UNIX Platforms)
NetBackup v3.2 and prior (Windows Platforms)
NetBackup Professional
OpForce Development Platform
Remote Storage for Microsoft Exchange
Replication Exec
SANPoint Control
SANPoint Direct
SANPoint Foundation Suite HA
ServPoint Appliance Software for NAS
ServPoint Appliance Software for SAN
Simple Backup
Storage Edition for Oracle
Storage Foundation
Storage Foundation Basic
Storage Foundation Cluster File System
Storage Foundation for DB2
Storage Foundation for Networks, Cisco
Storage Foundation for Oracle
Storage Foundation for Oracle Real Application Clusters
Storage Foundation for Sybase
Storage Foundation for Windows
Storage Foundation QuickStart
Storage Migrator for UNIX
Storage Migrator for Windows 2000
Storage Migrator for Windows NT
Storage Replicator for Windows NT
TeleBackup for Workgroups
Volume Manager for UNIX
Volume Manager for Windows 2000
Volume Manager for Windows NT
Volume Replicator
Volume Replicator for Windows
WinInstall 2000

Level 3
Be aware, though, that these newsgroups are prone to spammers and folks who would like to contact you directly through email for support issues.

Keep this in mind when registering an email address with the newsreader.

Level 6
You can use for your email address

Level 6
I'm using in a standard news reader for a long time and I've never seen there any kind of spam :)

Level 6
You probably have a good spam filter running for your email. However,
I have only seen a handful and I have been posting to the peer group since 1999

Level 6
The Peer to Peer Support Newsgroups may be going away when the new symantec VAN replacement happens at the beginning of 2007.

Level 6
If the old data is lost this will be a sad moment. This forum is a huge plus to the Netbackup community.