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Symantec NetBackup excess records of jobs

On one tape within a week backups are written sequentially:
1. Server1 - Full Backup - Mon from 20 to 23 time window
2. Server1 - Differential Incremental Backup - Tue-Fri 20-23
3. Server2, Server3, Server4 - Full Backup - from Sat 20:00 to Mon 08:00

For tasks from 1,2 pos. from thi list it is created one policy named Daily, for pos. 3 - another - Weekly.

Tape does not ejects itself after each job, the operator changes tapes manually - 4 tapes around every Monday in one streamer for one tape.
Respectively at all Policies and Shedules Retention period is set in 3 weeks.
One tape is enough for record of data from all 4 servers.

Everything is good, but the last policy of Weekly (pos. 3) after stops writing Server4 begins to write again around Server2, Server3, etc., so far the window will not close (at Mon 08:00) or operator will not eject a tape.

How to make so that it did not occur? I.e. Full Backup of servers 2,3,4 according to pos. 3 recorded to a tape only once?

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Re: Symantec NetBackup excess records of jobs

Just to make sure I'm clear:

After your weekly backups of Servers 2, 3, and 4 complete, Netbackup runs jobs from the policy again?

Could you post a screenshot of your activity monitor and info about that policy?

Re: Symantec NetBackup excess records of jobs


Need to check how policy is configured. Provide output of below command from master server which we will provide details of the polciy:-

<install path>\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bppllist <policy name> -L


Re: Symantec NetBackup excess records of jobs

Try to look into nbpem log ( maybe somebody ran the policy manually again).