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Synthetic Full backup create two tape copies

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I am running Netbackup 7.1. I need to created two tape copies for the Synthetic backup because every week I need to vault one copy out. I don't have enough disk space use but have enough tapes. Is this doable? If yes, how can I configure it? Right now the backup is going to tape storage unit directly. Thanks!


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I wanted to suggest 'Multiple copies' in the Schedule, but it is not supported for Synthetic backups.

Extract from Admin Guide I:


Multiple copy operations do not support the following:
■ Third-party copies
■ NDMP storage units
■ Storage units that use a QIC (quarter-inch cartridge) drive type
■ Synthetic backups
■ Storage lifecycle policies
Storage lifecycle policies offer their own method to create multiple copies.
Seems you will need to duplicate backup afterwards - either manually or using Vault.