System state backup taking long time to complete



I ran manual backup of windows client. while the backup of the first stream (N: drive) completed in 42 mins, the second stream (system state) backup took 1hr 29 mins to complete. Is there anything that i can try to reduce the backup time of the system state.Thanks.

Master Server:Netbackup on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1

Client:  Netbackup 7.1,Windows 2003 Enterprise x64 Enterprise SP2

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What is the size of the

What is the size of the System State backup?? (On W2003 this should actually be Shadow Copy Components.)

Have you tried to use Windows backup to run a test-backup to local disk on the client?


Thanks Marianne. The size of

Thanks Marianne. The size of the system state backup is around 2GB.

I can see that the client is in a MS-Windows Policy Type with the other clients (both win2008 & win2003) with the backup selection list as System State & N drive.  

I'm not allowed to run a  test backup on the client's local disk however i will request the windows admin if its something that he can do for me.




W2003 should have Shadow Copy

W2003 should have Shadow Copy Components in Backup Selection. 
Important components such as Event Logs are missed with only System State.

We recently saw a post where a user needed to restore Windows Event Logs but was unable to do so because only System State was backed up.

See this old (but still valid) TN:

Changing the backup selection will not solve the long running backup.
I believe this is a Windows problem, that is why I suggested that a Windows backup should be done as a test. Meaning nothing can be done from NBU to fix it...
(I have the same problem - backup of SCC on my laptop takes almost as long as entire C-drive that is a couple of hundred GB.)


Thanks again Marianne. I just

Thanks again Marianne. I just got back into NBU again after a long gap, still in the process of recollecting and reading up stuff. Also i'm new to this environment so I'l check with my team why System State is in the backup selection list instead of SCC and of course try to get  the windows team to run a local test backup, if they are willing to Smiley Happy


The job detail show a message

The job detail show a message about the delay:

"...waited for full buffer 6483 times, delayed 342119 times"

That indicates a read I/O performance off the data from the local disk, checked if something else is accessing the data during the backup time. Have you tried to run it at a different backup window?


Re: W2003 should have Shadow Copy

Marianne, The link seems old: It state "The document you are seeking is no longer available" Can you share the document here?


Re: W2003 should have Shadow Copy


Not sure if know that Symantec and Veritas have 'parted ways' more than 2 years ago? So, yes - Symantec TNs for NetBackup will no longer be available. 

This post is almost 5 years ago and related to a specific client on W2003 and NBU 7.1.  Both no longer supported. 
The TN was probably relevant to W2003 and NBU 7.1, so, there won't be a Veritas equivalent.

Best to start a new discussion for your issue - mention NBU version on client, OS on client, and share all text in Details tab of the problematic job. 

Please also ensure that you have bpbkar and bpfis folders on the client for troubleshooting.