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Level 3
I have SL8500 library with T10000A drivers. I have some question:
1) What king of drivers i must install? Veritas tape drivers or StorageTek drivers?
2) Is NetBackup tape drivers support multipathing for T10000?

Level 6

What kind of Master server do you have

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
By Symantec docs, multi-path configuration is supported on NetBackup 6.0.
T10000A is listed on HCL, and HCL does not mention multi-pathing, so I guess it works.
Symantec recommends to install its own driver.

Hardware Compatibility List

NetBackup 6.0 Release Notes

NetBackup 6.0 Media Manager Device Configuration Guide

Level 4
Hi all,

I have the same question. There's a statement in NB Release Notes about multiple paths to drive:

"Multi-path Tape Device Support
1. Multiple device control paths can be discovered, automatically configured, and
manually configured for tape drives. This applies to direct SCSI-control or
NDMP-controlled drives. Discovered drive paths are enabled by default. They can be
disabled or configured up/down by an administrator or operator. Previous to
NetBackup 6.0, only one path to a tape drive was available per host, and the available
drive states were limited to UP or DOWN."

But there is nothing else about it in the Symantec docs. So there is some uncertainty...

Does anybody have real experience with connecting T10000 (maybe another drive with two FC ports) to the Netbackup media server via two paths?

Level 4
We were looking at trying this out.   This thread has been out there for a bit, does anyone have any updates? 
Currently I have 10 T10Ks in an 8500, and am about to add 4 more.   Also, is this an active/active path or an active/passive path?