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TS3500 on Netbackup

Level 2

Has anybody configured a TS3500 (3584) on Netbackup 6.5? I am running Solaris 10 and I have the library configured in the OS through the control path on device /dev/rmt/2smc. But when I try and configure the library in Netbackup the TLH library option won't allow me to enter a device path, it requires a file defining the library name and IP address, which we don't have.


Level 6
you doesn't require ip address to configure and use it for NetBackup; for administrating tasks for library like partitioning you require an ip;

How many drives you have ?
did you phyically connect you drives to your server?
were you able to see those drives at OS level?
if yes use Admin Java Console and use configure storage device wizard.

or else as final go here is link for device configuration guide for unix,

Level 2

Did you configure it as a TLH robot within Netbackup?

The library has 6 drives, and I can see all 6 drives and the library control path at the OS level.

Level 6
Do the following:

- Make sure that the OS sees it.

- Check with /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan if it is able to scan the robot.

- For device configuration wizard, use robot type as TLD and not TLH (

Reply back if you face problems

Level 6

It is quite strange. I suppose 3500 is attached to the master server via SAN, so in Solaris the path to robot should include WWN.
Is cfgadm -al -o show_FCP_dev recognises IBM 3500 as media changer?
Have you invoked and sg.install and finally sgscan commands?

Level 5
You should be seeing this as a TLD library not TLH. Have you now got it working ?

Level 6
TheTS3500 will be connected to your TCP/IP network over regular Ethernet cable. 
The individual drives in the TS3500 will be connected to your Master and/or media server(s) via fiber (SAN).

In the TS3500, you should access the web interface for it and designate which drive will act as the SCSI "Control Path Drive", which will handle the SCSI commands for all the other drives.  You will need one of these Control Path drives defined for each logical library.  It will communicate with the other drives over the library's internal network for tape positioning, etc.

It should be defined as type TLD, not TLH.