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Tape Copy

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I have a NetBackup 8.1.2 setup. Master server is a VM and Media server is Physical. I have Database Backups like Oracle and SQL. The Primary copy goes to StoreOnce using the Catalyst over FC using the HPE OST, so the client server writes its data to StoreOnce directly without the intervention of media server. The objective is to achieve a Secondary copy to Physical LTO tapes to the library which is locally available and controlled by the Physical media server. There is a dedicated Backup IP interface Correct me: Option 1: If I create SLP to write 1st copy to StoreOnce and 2nd Copy to Tape then will 2nd copy job will be an over load to the client server as it has to process the primary copy as well as secondary copy to 2 different destinations or will it pick the data from 1st copy from storeonce and write to tapes via media server. Option 2: Is there a way in NBU if I can make a tape copy using wizard or CLI, selecting what policies I want for tape copy and select Source (Disk) and Destination (Tape Lib) something that which I recollect Data Protector having such a straight forward option Any other options ? What type of connections are to be established between the servers to achieve the 2nd copy. Thanks, Shaan.

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Have you  installed media server software on clients and configured as SAN media servers?
If not, and your clients are writing directly to HPE, then backups are probably not scheduled through NBU, and NBU has no knowledge of the backup.

Can you confirm how backups are configured in NBU policies? 
What is policy type and Storage Unit?

If backups are scheduled through NBU, and clients are NOT configured as SAN media servers, then data flow is :
Client > network > Media server > FC > HPE

For SLP backup and duplication, the backup process will be as above, followed by duplication:
HPE > FC > Media server > FC > Tape

Thanks Marianne, Clients are on FC interface. Catalyst Stores are created in StoreOnce and configured with Storage Unit Group at NBU level and Backups triggered from NBU So are you saying that after the client server writes data to StoreOnce directly over FC as 1st copy (NBU triggered policy) > then duplication starts (NBU triggered from same policy) > the data is routed to media server via FC > then to Physical tapes