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Tape Drive Down After Vault job cannot duplicate image

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Hi there forum,

I've been having this issue for the last two months and have not been able to pin point the issue. Any suggestions/comments are welcomed.


2-3 times a week one specific tape drive will be down'd by the netbackup application. It goes down and it also gets removed from the Device Manager on the master server. The only way to bring it backup is to reboot the tape library and then the NBU master server. This usually happens during a vault job, but only when one or more of the images are unable to be duplicated (for whatever reason) successfully. We have replaced the tape drive (Hardware) in our tape library and still continue to experience the problem.

Here is the error we get in the logs, which doesnt help much.

"Fatal open error on HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.002 (device 2, \\.\Tape3): The system cannot find the file specified.  DOWN'ing it"

Let me know what Logs would help to troubleshoot this issue.

I would like to see if anyone out there has experienced the same problem or has any ideas on how to get to the bottom of this.



Luis S.


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Actually, NetBackup DOWNs the drive because it gets removed from the Device Manager on the master server. You need to find out why the OS is losing connectivity to the drive.

How are the drives connected to the master server? SCSI? Fiber?

The first thing to check is the data path. Everything from the cable, gbic, switch port, etc. Even the drive itself.

Nothing can be done from NBU side to fix it - all troubleshooting must be done between the OS and the device.

I remember some time ago seeing something similar - a customer who replaced their tape library gave us the old 1-drive robot. The drive would work for small backups. Anything bigger where tape drive had to work for more than about 10 minutes caused the drive to fail. Cannot remember exact error messages, but it was something similar, and OS losing connectivity.
After a reboot, the tape drive would 'behave' again for a while.

So, either something wrong with connectivity or else tape drive 'on its way out'.

Probably best to log a call your the hardware vendor.


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Drives are connected through redundant fiber path to our SAN switch.

The Drive itself was replaced last month... so I can start with troubleshooting the rest of the hardware. I'll start by replacing the Gbics and see how that goes.

Thank you for your advice. Atleast it gives me somewhere to start.


-Luis S.

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As a courtesy, please report back on your issue so we know how it was resolved and if the advice was beneficial.