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Tape Elimination with Veritas Access

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A significant number of my NetBackup customers are currently looking to eliminate tape within their environments. For a long time people have been saying that tape is dead but until recently I never believed it because of the amount of data you could store on an LTO tape and the performance of the drives, made it cheaper than an average disk array. With the introduction of deduplication technology, tape elimination started to become a reality but the cost to keep the data beyond a few months on deduplication pools was not cost effective and meant that tape still had a place within the environment for long-term retention.

With Veritas Access this is about to change as customers are now able to send their long term backups via S3 to a cost effective scale-out NAS solution. This effectively creates a two-tiered storage platform for the backup environment, with primary backups sent to high performance storage while leveraging advanced features such as client-side deduplication and Accelerator synthetic backups to reduce backup windows. Any backups that need to be kept for long-term retention would be automatically duplicated to Veritas Access via S3. This approach reduces the amount of primary storage required, eliminates tape, including all the operational costs associated with it and if using NetBackup Appliances or custom built Media Server Deduplication Pools (MSDP), provides a single vendor backup solution.

With this new approach to backups, tape elimination may become a reality after all.


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Couldn't agree more, Matt. Talking to a number of customers about this precise scenario.
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One of the main issues our company is having with this concept is the ability of a "terrorist" to delete the data on disk, and overwrite it, or encrypt it, and hold it hostage.

Even if my tape at iron mountain is expired, it is still valid on tape and can be recovered by restoring a recent catalog or importing.

You will need to convince me that my data is safe, whether from disaster, dumbasster, or intentional malice.

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You earn a Kudo for 'dumbasster'.  That is AWESOME.  I've never seen that before.

With any disk based solution, I think your answer is always going to be replication.  I get what you're saying with tape, but I've had plenty of tapes fail after sitting in an Iron Mountain cave, so that's not guaranteed either.  There's a seriously false sense of security with the tape method.

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In support of tape, Technically, tape should be more reliable than disk ( Source  The Technical and Operational Values of Barium Ferrite Tape Media ) - provided it is handled corrected, and stored correctly.


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As I see it, S3/cloud will not be a replacement for tape, it will be yet another layer between live data and backup data.

While tape offers great capacity for the bucks, there are some tiresome attributes to tape. 

  • Soft (correctable) read/write errors are masked until the tape drive go really dead.
  • unpredictable restore speed often depending of average file size.
  • shoe shining - as tape drives go even faster this is and will continue to be a issue
  • Tape is not a random access media - this create "locks" on resources.