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Tape Images

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hello team ,

old environment : Linux Machine - NetBackup 9.1 - Tape Library

we already setup a new environment on Flex Appliances and now we need to remove the old Linux machine to the new environment (format , Linux , all from scratch ) as media server with attached the Tape Library

the point here is that we dont want to loose the images on Tapes and move then to the new environment which is a Master Server - Media Server and that one Media Server attached the Library

is possible to read the images from old NetBackup to the new one and continues backup on that Tapes ?


Level 6
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usually this is part of the design and the steps are documented even before purchasing the new appliance.

How many tapes you have (with data, not empty) and what are the retentions you use with the tapes?


Level 4

@solomοn This would have easily achieved with use of "Catman" tool. Your existing Master would have migrated to a newer Flex instance and existing master can be demoted as media at the same time.

Now, you must import (Phase 1 and 2) each tape onto New Master then only the tapes can be restorable. If you have any KMS encryption keys.. make sure you import them first on the new Flex instance.

@StefanosM i agree with you this should be part of design discussions. 

agree with you but , 

we had some serious issues with the old backup (still Veritas try to figure out what happen)

there too many (maybe 50-60) tapes no one of them are empty , (weekly , some monthly and 2 yearly)

if i proceed with the solution (phase 1 - 2)  as @sanket_pathak1  said , even if take time to do it will be okay ?

there is no KMS encryption keys , so the solution is the import as i understand

@solomοn You got it right... you can straight initiate a phase 1 and 2 import for all needed tapes.