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Tape Imports terminated?

Level 4
Hey All,

I am getting this message when running some tape imports, can anyone let me know why? And does this mean that the import has failed?

3/04/2007 11:34:55 AM - begin reading
3/04/2007 11:40:15 AM - end reading; read time: 00:05:20
3/04/2007 11:40:15 AM - positioning A00093 to file 155
3/04/2007 11:40:16 AM - positioned A00093; position time: 00:00:01
3/04/2007 11:40:16 AM - begin reading
3/04/2007 11:41:51 AM - Error bpimport(pid=14415) bpimport terminated by signal (1)       
3/04/2007 11:41:55 AM - Error bptm(pid=14548) media manager terminated by parent process      
3/04/2007 11:41:58 AM - end Import; elapsed time: 02:26:38
process was killed by a signal(63)

Thanks in advance.

Level 3
Hi Mark.

Is this happening on multiple tapes or just one? Do you have multiple drives in the library and does the same problem happen on multiple drives? Were the tapes written on a UNIX box and are the imports being attempted on a UNIX box or is it a Windows/UNIX mix?

The reason I ask is this:

3/04/2007 11:40:15 AM - positioning A00093 to file 155
3/04/2007 11:40:16 AM - positioned A00093; position time: 00:00:01

This seems highly suspect to me. I don't know of any drive that's going to position to filemark 155 in 1 second.

Since it's positioning to file 155, I'm assuming you're importing a single backup ID as opposed to all images on media ID A00093? This would imply that you've reached phase 2 of the import process. Was phase 1 completely successful?

Does this work properly if you try to import all images on the media? In that case, I would expect NBU to try to position to the first filemark, rather than the 155th, and that might give us some better information.

Also, try running a Media Contents report on the media. That will give a better indication of whether the problem is actually with the import process, or with reading the media.


Level 3
Hi Mark.

Sorry, I didn't notice this a moment ago...but it looks like you've only included an excerpt here rather than the entire Job Detail output.

Was this import running for a significant amount of time before it failed? If so, did you initiate the import directly at the master server console or via a Terminal Service or Remote Desktop session?

If you did it via TS or RDP (or some other remote tool) and you either logged off that session or there is some sort of setting that automatically disconnects your RDP sessions after "X" amount of time, the import will fail.

This is because the bpimport process thread is running under the user ID of the RDP session. If that session terminates, so does the bpimport process. This is true of any executable launched via RDP. It's a Microsoft thing, not NBU.