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Tape Library Storage Unit

Level 5

We have a Tape Library with 2 LTO3 tape drives. Whats the best way to set this up in netbackup?

Create one storage unit and set max concurrent writes drives to 2

Create 2 storage units one for each drive and set max concurrent writes drives to 1

What about multiplexing, streams per drive, i was thinking of 10.

I was going to set the reduce fragment size to 10GB, i think default is 2GB but surely that slows the backup down and i know the smaller size increases restores.

Also, this tape library is used only for duplication so our backups will backup to disk then duplicate to this drive.

any advice would be appreciated




Level 5
If you define two storage units with the same media type and robot number, but only one drive, you will never be able to know which drive will be used by which storage unit. So there is no advantage and you can create only one storage unit and let netbackup do the thinking.

Since you're using a DSSU you should try to saturate the LTOs without multiplexing - it's better for your restores. If necessary increase the multiplexing slowly.

10 GB Fragments are a good compromise between speed and restartability.