Tape drive Down TLD

Hi Team,

One out of 4 Tape drive is listed as DOWN-TLD, so when I tried to do up. 

The drive is not ready or inoperable message has appeared. 

Drive Name is HP.ULTRIUM-SCSI.000, one having an issue.


Under Drivers I tried to add the above drive freshely I am able to add without any issue, however under device monitor the drive is reporting as DOWN TLD





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Re: Tape drive Down TLD


Run the scan (veritas\volmgr\bin\scan) command from CLI and check how many drives are reported. Its common  for Windows to lose connection with the drives but still show the device in Device manager. You can try a reboot, and running device configuration wizard again, if it still fails then you should probably check with the tape drive vendor to see what the issue is.


Re: Tape drive Down TLD

I have not seen this error in many years.
I remember that it had to do with tape drivers.
Please check in Windows Device Manager that all tape drives have the latest HP drivers installed.
I remember seeing this error when 1 tape drive had the Windows driver installed and the rest with vendor driver.

Please also check Windows System log for errors.

Re: Tape drive Down TLD