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Tape library SL3000 and NBU device reconfiguration

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Hi all,

I'm going to reconfigure SL3000 library form single partition to two partitions. After this, we have new WWN , in my environment we have more and more SLP policy where this library is involved.

It's possibile to change WWN LIBRARY  on media server? How to?

Thanks a lot







If you are using acsls, there is virtual partioning, where you can allocate drives and tapes to specific hosts. This is my old procedure - you may want to review to see if it still works. I was able to set my SL8500 to 3 sets of tapes. defined by hosts.

cat update.logical.partitions.text
# sequence to update logical partitions:

# add any new systems ip address and name to internet.addresses file

vi /export/home/ACSSS/data/external/access_control/internet.addresses ( this is like the /etc/hosts file - defines host names and IP addresses)

# define system name in users.ALL.allow file

vi /export/home/ACSSS/data/external/access_control/users.ALL.allow ( this defines the partion name and the hosts allowed to access it )


PROD HOST1 HOST2 acsls  # production tapes
as400 SYS400 PROD400  acsls # AS400 tapes
test testmaster acsls # test tapes
cln master1 master2 acsls # cleaning tapes

# update attribute.dat file to define what tape groups the systems access

vi /export/home/ACSSS/data/external/vol_attr.dat

# Volser | Owner | Scratch | Force | Move to LSM | Assign to
# | | Pool | | on entry | library

# stop watch vols

watch_vols stop

# update config option 6


# restart watch_vols using alias



NetBackup on Solaris 11, writing to Data Domain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 in SL8500 via ACSLS

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Reconfiguration depends on which connection type you are using. 
This library model is supported with ACS and TLD control.

The fact that you are mentioning TLD makes me think that library is direct or SAN attached, right? TLD?

If SAN attached, you will need to redo zoning as each partition should have a different WWN number.

As far as NBU is concerned, a new WWN will be seen as new robot.
Best to delete everything in NBU (robot and tape drives - this will move tapes to standalone) and rescan at OS-level to ensure devices are seen. 
'scan' command will show robot details, drive positions and serial numbers that belong to the partition as well number of media slots in the partion.

Use Device wizard to re-add devices.

Ensure tapes are in correct slots as per designated slots per virtual robot.
Run Inventory to update NBU with location of tapes.


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Hi Marianne,

What about media server and SLP changes, we can't stop this ...this is production environment, how can we proceed without backups failure.

Thanks a lot




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How are you planning robot partitioning without any downtime? 
The hardware changes will most certainly require downtime. 
The tape library will not be available during the reconfig.