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Tape library and drives firmware upgrade

Level 4

Hello Experts,

Planning to upgrade Tape library and drives Firmware version. Tape library is connected to media server and used for LTR. First backup going to disk and then duplicated to tape for LTR. 

1. Do we need to stop the Netbackup services on master and all media server(including appliances)?

2. or do we need to stop Netbackup services on robot control host media servers?

3. Not required to stop Netbackup services on any server?

Note: Library vendor request for 1 hour down time


Level 5

I would stop the operations which involves Tape on netbackup.if you are using SLP(which you should), I would stop the operation which uses the tape for that one hour.
or if you are using vault profiles, stop it for one hour.
anyway if the tape is not working (it is down), whatever opeartion you have will not work and it will retry or gives you failed error in the activity, which will be done on next run.


Noted. Any post req that need to perform like scanning ..etc..