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Technology addition in Netbackup

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whomever it may concern in technology developement team in Symantec Veritas Netbackup Team


I am using Netbackup for last 1.5 years in csc handling various clients


I have 2 very good suggestions that will enhance the Netbackup productivity to the clients........All I can hint its greater than black belt six sigma project


and it is going to give the result and productivity that will be required by all clients...


For sure in the next version it willl be hot selling cake feature that client will like definately....and  the companies will buy or upgrade to next version very fast....because the suggestion I have will increase work productivity and make monitoring most efficient than before...


For Discussion please call me or text me at 00919873691421 ( text preffered)............or email me at


I am ready for personal meeting with any of the Veritas Engineer to discuss the ideas I have......... 







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