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Tell The TME's What YOU Want Us to Create!

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Hi Friends,

I've got some exciting news to bring you!  Have you always wanted a certain NetBackup guide, but no one has ever made it?  How about a deployment that you'd like to see more detail on, like In-Cloud Data Recovery with NetBackup Recovery Vault (Image Sharing)?  Well, here's your chance to tell the Technical Marketing Engineers(TMEs) what YOU'D like to see us create.  Want more videosBest practices, deployment steps?  Head over to this survey and let us know your thoughts.





Hello @GNeil 

Thanks for the news ! indeed it is a good idea..

I have actually one question, I don't know if it is related to the idea of your post, so I will go ahead and share it.

We have discovered a potontial bug in one of netbackup command that is not working, (tried in the new netbackup version, and it seems that it is always the same, so I don't think Engineers know about it.

here is the link to the vox I shared :

hopefully that you can share this with your teams so that they can maybe work on it.


Because using that exact command should normally decrease the verbosity of all unified logs (as explained in the Guide), however it doesn't at all, and there is no error message, so by experience, (as I am in a support team and we use logs all the time to investigate problems) if log verboses are not decreased it could cause space issue, and netbackup could stop working and then no backups for a long night.. it could be worse if clients have databases backups and their Transaction logs stopped working which also may result space filling issues, and production problems.. you know the struggle.. so I think it is worthy to share such anomaly and to let the Engingeers know about it.


thanks again !


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Please provide comprehensive document on how to perform HW refresh for NBU domain sitting on one physical box - read master, media and storage server role are utilized on this server. Storage for MSDP and Advanced disk is internal to this box so it can't be remounted/presented to the new server. Long term backups are written to tapes so same backup ID can have at least two copies. In really small env having separate master and media/storage servers is no go in my company - cost savings.

Please see

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Thank you for the ideas!  Please keep them coming!!