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Template for new Backup and to delete backup.

hi all,

I am starting my career in netbackup and i am very new to it. My job is to create new backups or delete the backup.

Please provide me with the step by step process for both. Step by step with sharepoint will be usefull.


Thank you

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Welcome to the world of

Welcome to the world of Netbackup Deepak.

If you are new you should really start reading the documentation available for Netbackup. The documentation will provide the basic understanding of how Netbackup work.

I have been working with Netbackup since year 2000 but still use the manual from time to time. The documentation is you friend :-)


Netbackup documentation "landing page"


Manuals are good, but 5-day

Manuals are good, but 5-day classroom training should be your first priority.

See the 'Training' link at the bottom of this page (under