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The specified token is associated with a different host id

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we started having SSL handshake issues for the Enterprise Vault backup.  I noticed the certificates for the servers were expired.  When reissuing a token i got the message 

The specified token is associated with a different host id

When creating a certrequest file on the client i noticed the request was for server evserver1, while the host itself has hostname srv-be-di-0027.

To be 100% clear : evserver1 is the vault server, but the database is hosted on srv-be-di-0027 (which is a MS cluster).

For testing purposes, i created a token for evserver1, and used that on the srv-be-di-0027 client.  And this was accepted.  But ofcourse this is incorrect and i should have a token for srv-be-di-0027 (which is currently still flagged red on the netbackup master).

So the problem here is that for some reason on srv-be-di-0027 certificate-wise it respresents itself as evserver1.  But i have no clue where this is coming from or where this is configured.  Anyone having an idea?


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you should try the following:

- generate reissue token for evserver1 and renew its certificate with this token

- generate reissue tokens for physical nodes of SQL cluster and renew their certificates with these tokens

- create Host Mapping records for virtual MS SQL node (probably exists)

Then test mere filesystem backup of all these servers/nodes, then test the EV backup



I reissued tokens for the vault server and cluster nodes.  The trick here is that i had to rename the netbackup client_name using regedit for the clusternodes to srv-be-di-0027 and --028 before reissuing the token.  And after the certificate was installed i had to rename it again to evserver1.