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There are archive jobs running periodically without cron, how can it possible?

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I am really confused now. So i got Netbackup master (Windows 2008) and several Linux + AIX client. Every hour, in the exact minutes, there are user archive job running in netbackup and do the file deletion. The user archive jobs are running without problem. The only thing is, i can't find what process is trigerred this jobs

As far as i know, to do the user archive job, i must trigger it from the client side using bparchive command. After that to make it run every hour, usually i use cron job. But what makes me confused are, i cannot find any cronjob schedule in the client server. I check using crontab -l , no cron are scheduled. I already double check and this is the correct client server (i reaaly sure i am not login to the wrong server). 

I dont have any documentation from the previous admin. So now i'm confused. The user archive jobs running every hour in netbackup, but i cannot find what trigger it in client server.

Is it any method to schedule user archive regularly in Linux and AIX without using cron?




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Does your enviornment have any 3rnd party scheduling tools like control+M, tidle, etc..?

other than cron these jobs can be schedules in 3rd party scheduling tools as well to trigger the bprachive jobs...

looking around in your enviornment for these scheduleing tools would be the better start...

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Which user's cron did you check? Bear in mind that each OS-user has own crontab...

The other possibility is a 3rd-Party scheduler as per Ram's excellent suggestion.

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Found the script. The previous admin put the script in directory /etc/cron.hourly (Linux SLES). Still look for the similar directory in AIX. Thanks all for the suggestion.