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Tring to save a Vmware policy and get Querry Builder message URL should begin with wmare:/?filter=

Level 3

From both a Windows 2016 master and a REL 7 master servers running version  I tried editing a VMware backup policy.

I select a line in query to edit and press edit.  Then I select a client, data Store or etc to add

I press the save button and get pop up window titiled Query Builder with message URL should begin with vmware:/?filter=


Level 5

What does the first line of your query have in the Clients tab?

Level 3

I found a workaround

1) open policy

2) Select Client tab

3) Select first line vmware:/?filter=vCenter Equal "Vcenter01"and press edit

4) immediate save and first line is updated to vCenter Equal "Vcenter01"

I was then able to edit any addition in the query and save without problems

But each time I go into edit policy I need to save first line to remove vmware:/?filter= before I can edit any additional line in query