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Trouble with active tape

Level 5

I create new SLP with duplication to the tape drive and type  "user backup".  Tape library is not robot with one drive.

All other jobs with  different SLP get in line and wait free active tape, but this job no get in line and requeres a separate tape. Even if there are no other jobs and in the tape drive we have current free active tape for example A00008,  this job requeres  another tape for example A00009. I am forced to freeze a tape A00008 or to transfer it to suspended status and insert tape A00009. Otherwise all jobs  stand and nothing works.

Why so occurs ? How to correct a situation ?




Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

Please double-check the volume pool and retention that you specified in the SLP. 
If everything is exactly the same, then NBU will use the same tape for all duplications.
If anything is different (e.g. pool or retention), then NBU will request a new tape. 

Media selection with tape library and standalone drive is explained in detail in NBU Admin Guide II.