Trying to set up NDMP with Multiple Servers.


I am looking if we can set up NDMP with Multiple Servers.

In my setup we have one master server (Sun Solaris) and six media servers (Sun Solaris).

Is it possible  we can configure the same filer (netapps storage)  with multiple media servers?  If yes, please advise how I can achieve this.

In this case I will not over load my media servers.

I could not find much on this.

Advance thanks for your valuable time J

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Your post is not very clear

Your post is not very clear for what you want to achieve -

What I understood is you have NBU Master with 6 Media servers and you want to backup NetApp NAS using NDMP. And your question is whether you can configure your NAS backup to use 6 Media servers.

Assuming what I understood is right then, instead of taking remote NDMP backup why you don't look at using Local NDMP backup architecture. This way you will also achive shorter backup window (as compared to remote NDMP) and also your media servers will not be utilzed in this process, NetApp storage will backup ifself over natively visible TL.

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Best way to configure

HI Harpreet ,

Best way to configure NDMP local it will not utilzed media server process.

If are you using SSO environment then best practice to zoned you Tape library with you NAS NDMP box globally and configure STU for particular NDMP box and take a backup through NDMP attached storage.

This backup go through direct FC cable.




Hi Harpreet,

My Suggestion is Dedicate One Media server and 2 Drives for NDMP Backup's.

Set Schedule timings for Backup's in Non Business Hours. Else your Network Performance will slow down.


If you want other backup's also to share the drive. Set priority to NDMP backup's / schedule accordingly so that when NDMP Backups are triggered other backup's should not use the drive.